dr.pk gupta, about me and my work I am a neuropsychiatrist , epileptologist and electroencephalographer (तंत्रिका- मनोरोग, अपस्मारविज्ञान और ईईजी में सलाहकार) My address is- DR P K Gupta.MBBS (Hons),MD(Psy.Med) 61/5 Gandhi Road,lane jain dharamshala,Dehradun,Uttrakhand,India-248001 Ph 91 135 2621343,Mo- 9837425545. e mail–dr.pkgupta@yahoo.com,dr.pkgupta@gmail.com web site–http://www.deemagclinic.wordpress.com EDUCATION-MBBS from University of Agra, (1979 to 1985),(MBBS with Honors in […]

यह उन सभी जनता और रोगियों की जानकारी और सहयोग के लिए है जो संभवतः अपनी पसंद के डॉक्टर के बंद क्लीनिक से पीड़ित हैं हम अपने रोगियों के कष्टों के कारण और भी अधिक पीड़ित हैं और हमारे लिए क्लिनिकल आस्थापना कायदा नियमों का पालन करना हमारे लिए असंभव है। फिर कया हम अपने […]

For years, media has been telling us that there are 150-200 terrorists in Kashmir. Every year the security forces kill 150-200 terrorists. Next year, again we have a similar number joining ranks; the throughput in the system remains the same. We are killing terrorists, not terrorism. I recently spent time with the Commanding Officer of […]

Medical schools have a lot to teach you. When you leave your school/college there are many things that you can define as standards of that particular medical college. Depending on the medical college you go, your experience that there are certain truths, facts and reality that are common to every medical college. This article elaborates […]

जैसा कि विदित है कि उत्तराखंड सरकार प्रदेश में कलीनीकल एसटेबलिशमेन्ट एक्ट (CEA) को लागू इस आशय से करना चाहती है कि प्रदेश की स्वास्थय सेवाओं में सुधार होगा किन्तु यह एक विडम्बना ही है कि सरकार अपने ही प्रदेश की आर्थिक एवं भोगोलिक स्थिति तथा स्वास्थ्य सम्बन्धी सरकारी आधारभूत सुविधाओं से अनभिज्ञ है। वह […]

A book by Dr Jerome Groopman attempts to analyse it…. Doctors may not be the brainiest in society; yet the fascinating ways in which they think and make decisions has been the subject of interesting research. There are some parts of the brain that a doctor uses preferentially over others, memory being the most important […]

As Cases Of Attacks On Doctors Across The Country Rise, Hospitals Take Novel Steps To Prepare For ‘Emergencies’ The Times of India (New Delhi edition)9 Feb 2019The proliferation of technology, particularly smartphones, in the country may not be all good news with India ranking among the worst nations for cybersecurity. A study found that more […]

Did British present India as “land of snake charmers”, instead of presenting the right snake and its ancient science???   The images of fertilization below are from Varamurtheeswarar temple at Ariyathurai, Tamilnadu. Temple is claimed to be 6000 years old based on some legendary aspects (considering the legendary connection to sages Romar and Mukunthan). But […]

 For travels of Guru Nanak, see Udasis. An Udasi shrine in Nepal Udasi is a religious sect of ascetic sadhus centred in northern India. It is based on the teachings of Sri Chand (1494–1643), the son of Guru Nanak, the founder and the first Guru of Sikhism. The Udasis were key interpreters of the […]

It was an HAL overhauled ac, upgraded to latest standards (out of 49 ac, HAL had only completed 7, this was the 8th: they’re 3 yrs plus late!) It was on ‘Acceptance Airtest’ by ASTE pilots (as ‘customers’ for the AF) … On take-off roll, a main oleo leg (of the undercarriage) came off/broke!! The […]


By Alanna Durkin Richer | AP January 25 BOSTON — Drug company executives weren’t satisfied with sales for their powerful painkiller, so they devised a plan, prosecutors say: Offer cash to doctors in exchange for prescriptions. Soon, the highly addictive fentanyl spray was flourishing, and executives were raking in millions. Now, the company’s wealthy founder is heading […]

Indian Journal of Psychiatry Wolters Kluwer — Medknow Publications Indian legal system and mental health Choudhary Laxmi Narayan and Deep Shikha Additional article information Although there was a rich tradition of legal system in Ancient India, the present judicial system of the country derives largely from the British system and is based on English Common […]

There are various factors that are becoming fatal for the small nursing homes some of which are elaborated below. 1. Lack of funds Small and medium-sized nursing homes are facing an acute financial crisis in the present times. Lack of funds has become one of the main reasons why these small medical establishments are facing […]

The Moplah riots in Malabar initially started as a fight against the British. But it ended in massacre and displacement of Hindus by Muslims. The British policy of divide and rule could not gain momentum in Malabar given the Hindu-Muslim unity in the region. The British started a propaganda of disseminating info about the Moplah […]

Shivam Shankar Singh Jan 24 The BJP government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced a bill to give 10% reservation to the economically poor that fall within the General category. This group had not received any reservation benefits until now, but would become eligible for reservation with the passage of the bill […]

The Delhi Medical Council (DMC) has suspended a senior orthopedic surgeon from a Hospital for a period of 275 days from the State Medical Registrar. DMC received a complaint on the alleged professional misconduct.   Registrar, DMC told, “In December 2012, the DMC through its disciplinary committee examined a complaint from the HR Manager of […]

1 .Having a full bladder can add 10-15 points to your reading. 2 .Slouching, unsupported back or feet.Sitting with no support to back or feet can increase the BP reading by 6-10points. Make sure that the patient is sitting in a chair with back support and feet flat on the floor or a footstool. 3 […]

*……. 1. Raja 2.Moorkh. 3.Chandaal 4.Vidur. Depending on the family we have to modify and adapt our counselling. How to identify the Type ?? 1 Raja,,,, They give visiting card Before telling complaints. They tell how they are connected to other doctors or VIPs 2. Moorkhs,,, They don’t have sense of priority. They ask about […]

A brilliant answer by Bala Senthil Kumar to the question below, as answered at popular Q&A site quora.com. A must read, and to ponder about…_ It isn’t the looting of wealth that bothers me so much as the sheer fact that the Congress merely replaced the Brits in some ways – they just became masters […]

For the chemistry technique, see Cooling bath. Champion weightlifter Karyn Marshall taking an ice bath after the Crossfit Games in 2011. In sports therapy, an ice bath, or sometimes cold-water immersion or cold therapy, is a training regimen usually following a period of intense exercise[1][2] in which a substantial part of a human body is […]

He was born in Kashi around 1700 BC. The Mahabharat claims him to be the son of Rishi Vishwamitra. His Guru from whom he learnt the art of surgery and medicines was Divodas, the then king of Kashi. In later years, he lived in the coastal region of the present state of Andhra Pradesh. He resided […]

Read more at Medical Dialogues: NO action against hospitals for non registration under Cinical Establishment Act: Kerala HC relief https://medicaldialogues.in/no-action-against-hospitals-for-non-registration-under-cinical-establishment-act-kerala-hc-relief/

The WHO recommends 1 doctor per 1000 population. It is, at best, 1:2000 in a few States and over 1:5000 in many others. In a country with a burgeoning population and a rising disease burden, young people are getting disenchanted with the Medical Profession and choosing others.Doctors are overworked, underpaid, harassed, threatened, assaulted and subject […]

Thousands Healthy deaths vs one hospital death. Perception of moral burden of negligence (# SUPREME COURT on pothole deaths) 1 Vote There is a infernal difference in the kind of media projection, burden of negligence and accountability of preventable multiple healthy deaths by civic negligence as compared to one hospital death occurring due to severe […]


The American Medical Association held a large funeral service today in honor of the Physical Exam, which passed away earlier this month after a decade-long battle with obscurity. The funeral was well attended by nurses, medical doctors, and trainees from all over the country who wished to pay their respects. The service began with an […]

A leading neuroscientist who has spent decades studying creativity shares her research on where genius comes from, whether it is dependent on high IQ—and why it is so often accompanied by mental illness. — Read on getpocket.com/explore/item/secrets-of-the-creative-brain

Think plastic surgery is a modern luxury? Think again. It turns out that the roots of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures go back more than 2500 years. It’s a common misconception that the “plastic” in “plastic surgery” refers to an artificial material when it actually derives from the Greek word, plastikos, meaning “to mold” or “to give […]


*Tirukkural was written by Tiruvalluvar (a Tamil poet/writer) more than 5,000 yrs ago. It’s one of the ancient sciences on Human Behaviour, which has not changed in spite of modern education & technology!* SOME GOLDEN THOUGHTS OF THIRUKKURAL:* 1. *If your children lie to you often, it is because you over-react too harshly to their […]

Love encompasses a variety of strong and positive emotional and mental states, ranging from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection and to the simplest pleasure.[1][2] An example of this range of meanings is that the love of a mother differs from the love of a spouse, which differs from the […]

Why protest this CP Bill 2018. Why are we wearing Black badges ? Is this bill going to affect ME ?? _What are the salient features ??_ *Well I am going to put forth my perceptions after studying and discussing this and other issues with many seniors. Based upon Dr Thakres article.* _Objections and Consideration […]

The Times of India (Mumbai edition)6 Jan 2019 ko if: hasImage /ko Supercharge your defences as the nights draw in and the mercury drops. Use this hour-by-hour guide to ward off the winter nasties. That frantic work deadline could be exactly what the doctor ordered. “Short bursts of stress actually strengthen the immune system,” explains […]

Introduction to Pathology, Cell Injury, Amyloidosis and Calcification, Inflammation and Repair, Circulatory Disturbances, Growth Disturbances and Neoplasia, Immunopathology, Infectious Diseases, Miscellaneous Disorders, Cardiovascular Pathology, Respiratory Pathology, Urinary Tract Pathology, Pathology of the Gastro-Intestinal Tract, Hematopathology, Liver and Biliary Tract Pathology, Lymphoreticular System, Reproductive System, Osteopathology, Endocrine Pathology, Neuropathology Anatomy Gross Anatomy, Osteology, Muscular System, Arthrology, […]

Introduction to Pathology, Cell Injury, Amyloidosis and Calcification, Inflammation and Repair, Circulatory Disturbances, Growth Disturbances and Neoplasia, Immunopathology, Infectious Diseases, Miscellaneous Disorders, Cardiovascular Pathology, Respiratory Pathology, Urinary Tract Pathology, Pathology of the Gastro-Intestinal Tract, Hematopathology, Liver and Biliary Tract Pathology, Lymphoreticular System, Reproductive System, Osteopathology, Endocrine Pathology, Neuropathology Anatomy Gross Anatomy, Osteology, Muscular System, Arthrology, […]

  TO THE HONOURABLE MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT   CONSUMER PROTECTION BILL 2018 Dear Sir, Consumer Protection Bill 2018 has been passed by Loksabha on 20. 12.18. The original CPA act 1986 passed by Parliament did not envisage to include the medical profession. Medical profession was brought under the purview of Consumer Protection Act in 1994 […]

Annexure – 2.3 AB-NHPM Packages & Rates S.No Specialty Procedure Name Final Rate to be proposed Pre-op Investigations for approval Post-op Investigations/ Evidence for approval of claim ALOS (Includin g ICU Days) 1 Cardiology Balloon Atrial Septostomy 18,000 2D ECHO report 2D ECHO report 2 Cardiology Balloon Aortic Valvotomy 25,000 2D ECHO report 2D ECHO […]

  22-November-2018 13:36 IST Cabinet approves the Allied and Healthcare Professions Bill, 2018 for regulation and standardisation of education and services by allied and healthcare professionals   The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved the Allied and Healthcare Professions Bill, 2018 for regulation and standardisation of education and services by […]

* नव वर्ष चैत्र शुक्लपक्ष प्रतिपदा को आरम्भ होता हैं जो कि प्राकृतिक है, वैज्ञानिक है और सबसे प्राचीन होने के साथ भारतीय प्राचीन गणित विद्या का गौरव है।* २ परमाणु = १ अणु ३अणु = १ त्रिसरेणु ३ त्रिसरेणु =१ त्रुटि (३ त्रिसरेणु को पार करने मे सूर्य को लगा समय १त्रुटि) १०० त्रुटि […]

Shuang Leng, Ru San Tan, […], and Liang Zhong Most heart diseases are associated with and reflected by the sounds that the heart produces. Heart auscultation, defined as listening to the heart sound, has been a very important method for the early diagnosis of cardiac dysfunction. Traditional auscultation requires substantial clinical experience and good listening […]

People with strong narcissistic tendencies are known for certain destructive social patterns. Anybody who has had the misfortune of dealing with these types of people may notice that whenever there’s a conflict or any type of disagreement, they tend to act in an abhorrent yet predictable manner. In this article we will explore the common […]

Types of Stethoscopes Currently Available In today’s market, there are three general types of stethoscopes available to consumers: the traditional acoustic, amplifying, and digitizing. All of the electronic stethoscopes fall into two broad categories; amplifying and digitizing. Traditional Acoustic Stethoscope (from the Greek stethos-chest and skope-examination) is an acoustic medical device for auscultation, or listening […]

Although many people consider Plastic Surgery as a relatively new specialty, the origin of the plastic surgery had his roots more than 4000 years old in India, back to the Indus River Civilization. The mythico-religious shlokas (hymns) associated with this civilization were compiled in Sanskrit language between 3000 and 1000 B.C. in the form of […]

WHY YOU ARE RIGHT ? You are right that two meals a day will cause weight loss. It will happen. It will happen in the same way in which if I fast, I will lose weight. Any form of caloric restriction produces weight loss and any form of caloric restriction will help control diabetes mellitus. […]

NEW DELHI: The public health expenditure in India, or what the government (Centre and state combined) spends on health, has remained constant over years in most states and is even less than the national average of 1.2% of GDP, making India one of the biggest private spenders on health among the low-middle income countries, latest […]

https://www.bloombergquint.com/business/radiant-life-to-merge-with-max-healthcare-to-become-no-3-hospital-chain#gs.HHY393c The FII takeovers of Indian Healthcare chains seems to have started in right earnest. The Fortis shares sale to IHH Healthcare Behrard, Max shares sale to KKR – Radiant Combine, Manipal – Temasak- TPG Capital combine takeover of Medanta all seem to be happening at a feverish pace. Is there a pattern to be […]