dr.pk gupta, about me and my work I am a neuropsychiatrist , epileptologist and electroencephalographer (तंत्रिका- मनोरोग, अपस्मारविज्ञान और ईईजी में सलाहकार) My address is- DR P K Gupta.MBBS (Hons),MD(Psy.Med) 61/5 Gandhi Road,lane jain dharamshala,Dehradun,Uttrakhand,India-248001 Ph 91 135 2621343,Mo- 9837425545. e mail–dr.pkgupta@yahoo.com,dr.pkgupta@gmail.com web site–http://www.deemagclinic.wordpress.com EDUCATION-MBBS from University of Agra, (1979 to 1985),(MBBS with Honors in […]

Hippocrates (460 BC-370 BC) was a Greek physician who is considered by most to be the father of modern medicine. Long ago, Hippocrates wisely observed that “walking is the best medicine” and prescribed peripatetic exercise as a panacea to help citizens of Ancient Greece maintain a sound mind in a sound body (mens sana in corpore […]

[World Anesthesia Day : 16th October]  Dr Harish Shetty [dedicated to the entire fraternity of Anesthesiologists and those who I have worked with such as Pinakin Gujjar, Mrunalini Helekar, Nalini Patel, Vishwas Sane, Sushil Sarda, Aruna Ubhaykar, Late Sameer Pradhan, Amol Pradhan, Ujjwalraj Dudhedia, Shobit, Vaibhav, Reena and so many others] How many of us […]

MEDICAL PRACTICE: Hilarious and sometimes embarrassing moments in a doctor's practice. Hope you will love them as I enjoyed reading! Dr Ratti. 1. A man comes into the ER and yells. . ……'My wife's going to have her baby in the cab.'I grabbed my stuff, rushed out to the cab, lifted the lady's dressand began […]

By IANS | Updated: Oct 13, 2017, The crisis can be solved easily through an essential package of palliative care to be made available by health systems worldwide.NEW DELHI: Nearly 26 million people die every year worldwide in serious pain without a three-cent morphine tablet and almost every 10th mortality is that of a child, […]

An hour a week of low-intensity exercise may be all it takes to prevent depression, a large, population-based cohort study of healthy adults suggests."Being active is good for you ― even in small doses. Taken regularly, exercise is good for you, and it probably prevents mental ill health," senior author Matthew Hotopf, PhD, director of […]

By Dr. Mohan Ranawde, MD(Medicine)👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇The field of Medicine is now deemed the most dirty and corrupt, as per new laws and regulations which are pouring in. People are now openly expressing their perceptions not only physically but also through media discussions and through new populist regulations. At every nook and cranny, they want to reign […]

LAST year Li Tian (not her real name) spent a month in a mental hospital. She has suffered from depression for years, but was not particularly low or anxious at the time. It was just that world leaders were preparing to gather in Hangzhou, the eastern city where she lives, for a G20 summit. Ms […]

Q. How to recall colour of BMW disposal bins inside Hospital ? Coloured BioMedical Waste(BMW) bag disposal as per indian Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules, 2016. • R-Red Bin- Recyclable waste(R-R)- Red blood soaked (used) Rubber gloves, Rubber & Plastic tubes & IV sets. • Y-Yellow Bin- pus(Yellow) soaked Cotton Gauze pieces & dressing, Microbiology Waste […]

When my husband and I shopped for our first house, we looked at more than 20 properties on the market. None of them seemed to fit our detailed checklist of the perfect home. I grew frustrated and called my mom. "Forget the list," she said. "When you walk in the front door of your house, […]

Actor Deepika Padukone today said her battle with depression in the past has been "such a bad experience" that she always carries a fear of relapse. The 31-year-old actor was interacting on the stigma surrounding mental illness at India Economic Summit here."I don't think I can say that I'm completely over it (depression). There is […]

Platelet deficiency is not the cause of death in people suffering from Dengue According to International guidelines, unless a patient’s platelet count is below 10,000, and there is spontaneous, active bleeding, no platelet transfusion is required. The outbreak of dengue in the City and Hospital beds are full and families are seen running around in […]

 load File (149.8 MB)Video 1ObjectiveTo determine whether state medical licensure application questions (MLAQs) about mental health are related to physicians' reluctance to seek help for a mental health condition because of concerns about repercussions to their medical licensure.MethodsIn 2016, we collected initial and renewal medical licensure application forms from 50 states and the District of […]

Christina Hensen, owner of Pysique 57 in NYC has dedicated her life to fitness and helping others reach their goals. She has a full schedule of teaching classes 6 days a week and also modeling for fitness magazines in her spare time. One of our writers here was lucky enough to take one of her […]

The Sushruta Samhita (सुश्रुतसंहिता, IAST: Suśrutasaṃhitā, literally "Suśruta's Compendium") is an ancient Sanskrit text on medicine and surgery, and one of the most important such treatises on this subject to survive from the ancient world. The Compendium of Suśruta is one of the foundational texts of Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine), alongside the Caraka-Saṃhitā, the Bheḷa-Saṃhitā, […]

Neha Sharma, a 28-year-old professional from Lucknow, had been finding it difficult to sleep or concentrate at work. She would often burst into tears and contemplated quitting her job.The timely intervention of friends, who took her to a psychiatrist, helped Sharma sail through the crisis. Ironically, Sharma herself is a doctor, part of a growing […]

*A Legal case of an intubation going wrong*A 61-year-old female was referred to her plastic surgeon with a suspicious mole on her cheek near the left eye. She was diagnosed with a melanoma and proposed a procedure involving wide local excision and primary reconstruction of the lower eyelid, which was likely to take several hours. […]

Wax removal…..!!This is a short story written by Dr Kishore Shah…. he is a Gynaecologist in Pune India and a very gifted writer….enjoy this extremely funny story.============================================================================ My wife is an ENT Surgeon while I am a Gynaecologist. This can lead to some complications, as I recently learned to my anguish. A General Practitioner called […]

Log in RegisterThis Site Include Affiliate Sites/header Magazine Topics Events Resources Subscribe Advertise Contact Us Europe From the Editor Global New & Noteworthy R&D Sales & Marketing Strategy  Most Read Current Issue Top Features New & Noteworthy Washington Report Webcasts • • Share • Printer-friendly version • Send by emailStrategies for Successful Market Access in […]

Doctors are increasingly being treated as villains with new regulations making medicine more complicated and expensive for patients. I sit and lament the situation in the practice of medicine today. It is at a strange crossroads which leaves me aghast. What has happened over the decades? I started my career as a young physician treating […]

*I found this article by Ahmednagar Doctor Sensibly Readable.*Though a bit lengthy but it depicts true picture of today's medical scenario. The Drama and The Tragedy of Indian Healthcare “One doesn’t need to be a doctor to start a hospital, just as one can start a hotel without knowing how to cook”. Big businessmen and […]

Few NEET Toppers conspired with Private Medical Colleges to block seats until the last minute in first and second round of counselling against a bribe of 5-20 lacs after assuring their seat in Govt medical college and then took a stand back due to which Medical Colleges had to sell seats to lower rank holders […]

Reservation is spreading a sense of hatred among each other. Its compromising on quality where it the most sensitive matter. It's ruining the health system, health education & has a limiting factor in social progress as a whole. A lot of things can be said in support of reservation.  Those are no longer relevant except […]

banning of 32 medical colleges. Furthermore, the union ministry has forfeited the medical colleges’ security deposit of Rs 2 crore each. However, it has allowed 4,000 undergraduate students to continue studying at these institutes. Most of the private colleges called this ban discriminatory and illegal. News Update The banned medical colleges are: Major S.D. Singh Medical […]

The Mental Healthcare Bill, 2016, aims to provide provide for mental healthcare and services for persons with mental illness and ensure these persons have the right to live a life with dignity by not being discriminated against or harassed.DefinitionThe Bill defines “mental illness” as a substantial disorder of thinking, mood, perception, orientation or memory that […]

To, Mr.  Oma Nand Director Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Nirman Bhawan, New Dehi-110108 Email – oma.nand@nic.in Dear Sir, This is in context to the Draft of Rules and Regulation framed under the Mental Health Care Act,2017.  I a practicing psychiatrist for last twenty five years want to put my objection in regard to schedule […]

As per Rule 8.6, professional incompetence of a professional duly registered with the State Medical Council upon fulfilling the precondition of the eligibility of having acquired recognized medical qualifications from a university and duly incorporated in the concerned schedule appended to the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956, shall be judged by peer group as per […]

Freedom from Pain – Part Two.entry-headerDECEMBER 20, 2014 ~ LEAVE A COMMENT.entry-metaWhy is worldwide access to morphine so poor?Morphine is deemed an essential medication for a basic healthcare system to function (WHO Model List of Essential Medicines) but it is effectively unavailable in almost 150 countries.  Just a handful of Western countries consume 90% of […]

Long but some food for thought! One of the most disturbing stories that we find in the Puranas is the story of Krishna's son Samba, whose mother was the bear-princess, Jambavati. He dupes his father's junior wives by disguising himself as Krishna and is cursed by Krishna that he will suffer from a skin disease […]

English tort law is the law governing implicit civil responsibilities that people have to one another, as opposed to those responsibilities laid out in contracts. It provides legal remedies, often the payment of money, to those who have been damaged by someone else's failure to meet these implicit responsibilities. Other countries' tort laws can work […]

Shakoor v. Situ (t/a Eternal Health Co) [2000] 4 All ER 181; [2001] 1 W.L.R. 410; (2001) 57 B.M.L.R. 178; Independent, May 25, 2000; is a first instance case in English tort law on the standard of care appropriate for an alternative medicine practitioner. Its controversial ruling elaborates on the "responsible body of medical men" […]

Bolam v Friern Hospital Management CommitteeBolam v Friern Hospital Management Committee [1957] 1 WLR 582 is an English tort law case that lays down the typical rule for assessing the appropriate standard of reasonable care in negligence cases involving skilled professionals (e.g. doctors): the Bolam test. Where the defendant has represented him or herself as […]

People are often aware of Parkinson's motor symptoms (slowness, tremor, stiffness) but since the disease involves many parts of the brain, it should not be surprising that symptoms go well beyond motor.By Jason Kellogg, MD – September 19, 2017/.td-pb-rowParkinson’s Disease is a chronic, progressive neurologic disorder in which there is a loss of neurons and depletion […]

The medical college is a black business of thousand crores, one single MBBS admission giving 1 crore and PG set 3-4 crores stimulated the opening of so many Private medical colleges in our country in last few years. In last days CBI has arrested Health Secretary of Puducherry and another IAS officer from state beside […]

 Tweet this storyThe twitter logoThis article has previously been published on LinkedIn Pulse Sleep paralysis is a condition in which a person awakens from sleep but is temporarily paralyzed, unable to move or speak. The phenomenon, in fact, is not uncommon. Around 20 to 40 percent of people experience sleep paralysis at least once in […]

Young women need to watch out for LupusTop Start Top endY. MallikarjunHYDERABAD:, MAY 16, 2012 00:00 ISTUPDATED: JULY 11, 2016 17:46 ISTAn autoimmune disease, it can turn fatal if not treated earlyIf you are a young woman and having a butterfly-shaped rash on cheeks, coupled with fever, joint pains and fatigue, better watch out! It […]

Neuroscience News1 week agoSummary: Researchers have identified a specific area of the brain responsible for auditory verbal hallucinations in people with schizophrenia. The researchers were able to control the hallucinations with the help of transcranial magnetic stimulation.Source: European College of Neuropsychopharmacology.For the first time, scientists have precisely identified and targeted an area of the brain […]

These days there is a great scare of DENGUE all over.As a pathologist….wish to share a few things.. 1. Once infection occurs, one can get fever within 1- 7 days. 2. Fever, usually high, comes daily for 4-5 days.This time is troublesome due to fever & body aches. At this time, patient should be given […]

Had a lengthy chat with Dr Prem kumar, Ex MCI Secretary, Regarding issuing medical certificate. Here is the summary. I am enumerating only peculiar points . 1. Never give it for more than 15 days. 2. See PT again after 15 days and re issue. 3. Even in repeat case's, make sure that he or […]

Nature Publishing GroupPreliminary indications of the effect of a brief yoga intervention on markers of inflammation and DNA methylation in chronically stressed womenK N Harkess, J Ryan, […], and S Cohen-WoodsAdditional article informationAbstractarticle-metaYoga is associated with reduced stress and increased well-being, although the molecular basis for these benefits is not clear. Mounting evidence implicates the […]

In pursuance of the Supreme Court's direction asking for detailed clarification from the health ministry on the issue of debarring medical colleges in the country, the health ministry has now released a detailed aspect of why it denied permission to certain medical colleges while allowing others. The following orders were released on 30th and 31st […]

The Indian pharma industry with a FY16 revenue of nearly $35 billion has two major streams of business, international (about $18 billion) and the rest domestic. The operating margin in international business is only 15% while that in domestic business is 30%. It is the more profitable domestic business that subsidises the international business and […]

Brown_HbkOfMindfulness.indb 171 9/17/2014 1:42:28 PM CHAPTER 10 Fadel Zeidan For thousands of years, contemplatives have reported that enhancements in sen- sory awareness, cognition, and health can be accomplished through meditation practice. Before the development and utilization of neuroimaging and other scientific methodologies, the scientific world cast these descriptions as reflections of a relax- ation response […]

R M Ahmed1, R W Paterson2, J D Warren2, H Zetterberg3,4, J T O'Brien5, N C Fox2, G M Halliday1, J M Schott2Author affiliations AbstractImaging, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and blood-based biomarkers have the potential to improve the accuracy by which specific causes of dementia can be diagnosed in vivo, provide insights into the underlying pathophysiology, […]

One big recent piece of news from across the Atlantic is that the European Commission is funding a brain simulation project to the tune of a billion Euros. Roughly, the objective is to simulate the entire human brain using a supercomputer. Needless to say, many people are skeptical and there are lots of reasons that […]

<span class="label">Share</span><span class="label">Tweet</span><span class="label">Share</span><span class="label">Share</span>VIEW IN APP In an interview with ETHealthworld, Prof. Dr Alok Ahuja, CEO, Dr Ahuja's Pathology & Imaging Centre, Dehradun, talks about the challenges in Indian healthcare. Edited excerpts: Doctors were governed by IMC Act and the government is now introducing 'Clinical Establishment Act'. What is the need for such a […]

VIEW IN APP In an interview with ETHealthworld, Prof. Dr Alok Ahuja, CEO, Dr Ahuja's Pathology & Imaging Centre, Dehradun, talks about the challenges in Indian healthcare. Edited excerpts: Doctors were governed by IMC Act and the government is now introducing 'Clinical Establishment Act'. What is the need for such a regulation now?The Indian Medical […]

For information: Dear Seniors & Friends, As the news regarding the suspension of leading orthopedic surgeon (30 years in practice) of KEM hospital Mumbai by Medical Council of India for practicing with a lapsed license has surfaced, the issue of legal importance of Medical council Registrations has come into the limelight. The said orthopedic surgeon, against […]

It is clear that relevant qualifications as prescribed in the First, Second or Third Schedules to the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 (Central Act 102 of 1956) must be followed by each and every registered medical practitioner. While, it is unacceptable that doctors are unaware of these requirements, yet, there are a large number of […]

Gout is the commonest crystal arthropathy that has seen a dramatic increase in its prevalence in the last decade.Gout often presents as severe monoarthritis of acute onset in lower limb joints such as the first metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint or ankle.Though the ways for its management and prophylaxis have improved remarkably in recent times it is […]