dr.pk gupta, about me and my work I am a neuropsychiatrist , epileptologist and electroencephalographer (तंत्रिका- मनोरोग, अपस्मारविज्ञान और ईईजी में सलाहकार) My address is- DR P K Gupta.MBBS (Hons),MD(Psy.Med) 61/5 Gandhi Road,lane jain dharamshala,Dehradun,Uttrakhand,India-248001 Ph 91 135 2621343,Mo- 9837425545. e mail–dr.pkgupta@yahoo.com,dr.pkgupta@gmail.com web site–http://www.deemagclinic.wordpress.com EDUCATION-MBBS from University of Agra, (1979 to 1985),(MBBS with Honors in […]

Lisa K. Taylor, Richard J. Auchus, […], and Walter L. Miller Background: Supraphysiological “stress dosing” is generally given to adrenally insufficient patients undergoing operative procedures and/or general anesthesia. However, the normal responses of cortisol to surgery are poorly documented, especially in small children. Recent studies in adults suggest that massive glucocorticoid dosing is not needed, […]

If you have Psychosis/ Neurosis/ Mental Retardation you cannot join Medical Post graduation courses:  Medical Council of India 2018 Dr Harish Shetty [Letter to the Health Minister ; Govt of India] This is a shocker! As the admissions for Post graduation Medical Courses 2018 are on after the P.G NEET results the Certificate of Medical Fitness […]

A biopsy is a small operation done to remove tissue from an area of concern in the body. The tissue sample is examined by a pathologist (a doctor who specializes in diagnosing disease) to see if cancer cells are present. If cancer is present, the pathologist then looks at the cancer’s characteristics. Biopsy is usually […]

In a study conducted by liver specialist Dr Abby Philips, senior gastroenterologist Dr Philip Augustine, liver pathologist Dr Rajaguru, with the partnership of Sophisticated Testing and Instrumentation Centre of the Cochin University of Science and Technology and Envirodesigns Ecolabs, at a tertiary level hospital at Kochi, in Kerala, it was found that about two percent […]

Yesterday a patient- businessman by profession got a surgery done by me… When I handed him the bill of around 20k, he felt he had been charged exhorbitantly and insisted on discussion with me that I should convince him that what I had charged for a 40 mins procedure was valid… I told him let’s […]

By ERIC W. DOLAN March 10, 2018 + (Photo credit: psdesign1) MDMA appears to have a stronger effect on emotional memories than non-emotional memories, according to new research. The finding may explain why the drug has beneficial effects for people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and similar psychiatric conditions. MDMA, more commonly known as the […]

Supreme Court allows living will———–In a landmark judgement delivered today, the Supreme Court of India has allowed an individual to draft a living will specifying that they not be put on life support if they slip into an incurable coma. The order was passed by a five judge Constitutional bench comprising Chief Justice of India […]

A new study has found that the authors of some of the most authoritative medical textbooks in the world did not disclose financial conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry and medical product companies. The researchers — led by Brian Piper, a neuroscientist at the Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine in Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States […]

ISTOCK, ANDREY POPOV Diabetes is a group of five diseases with distinct genetic and physiological profiles, according to a study published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology last week (March 1). Traditionally, diabetes—a condition that affects more than 100 million Americans—has had just two classifications. However, clinicians were aware that type 1 and type 2 […]

Dr. T. Jacob John, a noted epidemiologist, public health expert, and past Chairman of the Expert Advisory Group on Polio Eradication for GOI speaks about why two very different systems of medicine in India cannot merge to become one wholesome method of clinical practice. Every system of medicine works for a common cause- to enable […]

Report All India NDTV NEWSDESK (with inputs from Reuters) Interviews with committee members set out its aims: to use evidence such as archaeological finds and DNA to prove that today’s Hindus are directly descended from the land’s first inhabitants many thousands of years ago Updated : March 06, 2018 19:23 IST “The true colour of […]

India is world-famous for its doctors, and it produces some of the world’s best, from reputable institutions in and out of the country. There are more medical colleges and teaching hospitals in India than anywhere else – 579 to be exact. But a couple of recent studies and reports have cast serious doubts on the […]

  Abstract  Introduction: In this era, health-care facilities have improved greatly which has increased the life expectancy of humanity, but all these costs and so the role of economic evaluations of health-care interventions has become increasingly important especially in developing countries like India. Objective: To estimate the expenses of a patient in Intensive Care Unit (ICU), […]

*This defines the fraternity, the service, the great profession..!!This is IMA..!!!* *Extremely Proud of our IMA Hon. Secretary General Dr. R.N.Tandon sir..* Sharing a happening incidence yesterday onboard Jet Airways flight 9W 308 from Delhi to Mumbai. HSG Dr. Tandon boarded the flight yesterday at IGI Airport. While the flight was sailing towards Mumbai, suddenly […]

I believe doctors don't know PRICING methods. There are two ways of pricing. 1. Product pricing 2. Services pricing. Product pricing is depend upon expenses incurred in product manufacturering , delivery and sale. In addition, profit is added to price. Service pricing is based on How much value or benefit the client is receiving. For […]

Dr Aniruddha Malpani Most doctors are pretty much set in their way by the time they reach 50. They expect to continue practicing clinical medicine and remaining doctors all their life. In one sense, unfortunately, they've become very myopic and end up leading their life pretty much on autopilot. This is partly because they think […]

From the way you move and sleep, to how you interact with people around you, depression changes just about everything. It is even noticeable in the way you speak and express yourself in writing. Sometimes this “language of depression” can have a powerful effect on others. Just consider the impact of the poetry and song […]

There has considerable talk of the eminent arrival of revalidation and annual appraisals for doctors in India. There is no clear direction or plans on how this process will be enforced or is planned. We know that this idea has been borrowed from the United Kingdom and I will try and explain how this system […]

Gripe water for Infants- Toxicological secrets & Medicolegal issues. (Colic, Gripe, Gripe water, Herbal tea, Per-lacteal feed, Exclusive breast feeding, Battered babies, shaken baby syndrome, Sudden infant death syndrome) Q. What is the gripe water story?It is serendipitous that a treatment Woodward designed for malaria is today a popular treatment for colic with an enormous […]

.🔴""……..ओशो💟……."" मनोवैज्ञानिक कहते हैं: जिस दिन से तुम अतीत के संबंध में ज्यादा विचार करने लगो, समझ लेना कि बूढ़े हो गए। बुढ़ापे की यह मनोवैज्ञानिक परिभाषा है। जिस दिन से तुम्हें अतीत के ज्यादा विचार आने लगें और तुम पीछे की बातें करने लगो, कि वे दिन, अब क्या रखा है, अब दुनिया वह […]

A patient is never a customer or consumer, let the law of the land say anything. Every patient is a life with a beating heart and a thinking brain, and you are being trusted by that patient to keep that heart beating and brain thinking. That is your responsibility today and after a thousand years […]

He is a fervent, and eloquent, evangelist for the art of healing as distinct from the science of cure, a continuous student of the humanities. This arguably accounts for his reputation as India's best diagnostician. He is the colossus of Breach Candy Hospital. When he walks through the corridors of Parsi General, people reverentially stand […]

IMA welcomes certain provisions for health sector in the budget presented today but still lacks the necessary allocations to mitigate the problems faced by the community in regards to have an accessible,affordable,accountable and scientific health care. Primary figures of allocation to health sector are not at all satisfactory- IMA had demanded minimum 3% of GDP […]

Letter to up principal health SecINDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION(Registered under Societies Act XXI of 1860)UP STATE BRANCH (Session 2017-18)State Office: IMA UP STATE, A-512, Lajpat Nagar, Rampur Road, Moradabad 244001 Phone: 0591-2493666 E-mail: imaupstate16@gmail.com Website: http://www.imaup.in1 Dr. Sudhir Dhakre President21 Moti Bagh,Dayal Bagh, Agra-2820055MOB- 9837029529Email: sdhakre9@gmail.comDate; 29-01-2018ToThe Principal Secretary Health Govt. of U.P.Subject: Change the CEA […]

Hiroko Akagi, consultant in liaison psychiatry and T Manoj Kumar, consultant in liaison psychiatryAdditional article informationAkathisia (Greek “not to sit”) is an extrapyramidal movement disorder consisting of difficulty in staying still and a subjective sense of restlessness. It is a recognised side effect of antipsychotic and antiemetic drugs but may also be caused by other […]

#FirstOnPlexusMD Government addresses common concerns and clarifies key provisions, strongly supports the reform In a detailed FAQ released on MOHFW website last night, the Ministry answers commonly raised questions and concerns against the NMC Bill. Besides throwing more light on some of the common concerns, the tone and matter of the FAQs also indicate the Government’s […]

In light of the unfortunate medical accident that resulted in death of a patient's relative in BMC run Nayar Hospital Mumbai let's revisit the safety guidelines for MRI. MRI magnet is “ALWAYS ON” even when patient is not being scanned so it needs extreme precautions while wheeling in the patient. Safety is of paramount importance […]

I’m sorry but I never saw this side of the picture but I still cannot sympathise with the violence of the Karni Sena SHARED FROM ASHOK ROW KAVI 'S WALL Sharing from friend Sahana Singh — for those who want to go see the movie: The post is by Rajat Mitra, and Sahana Singh has […]

Date: Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 4:06 PM WORLD MEDICAL ASSOCIATION News Release 29 January 2018 PLAN TO DISMANTLE PHYSICIAN SELF GOVERNANCE STRONGLY CRITICISED BY WORLD MEDICAL ASSOCIATION The Indian Government’s plan to dismantle the professional self-governance of Indian physicians has been strongly criticised by the World Medical Association. In a letter to the Chairman of India’s […]

With severe shortage of qualified doctors to address the health care needs of the burgeoning population, India’s health sector is facing a huge crisis. The government lacks a visionary approach to respond to this crisis. An immediate solution would be to create an All India Health Service by creating a nucleus core comprising of all […]

अधूरा ज्ञान खतरनाक होता है। 33 करोड़ नहीं 33 कोटि देवी देवता हैं हिंदू धर्म में ; कोटि = प्रकार । देवभाषा संस्कृत में कोटि के दो अर्थ होते हैं । कोटि का मतलब प्रकार होता है और एक अर्थ करोड़ भी होता है। हिंदू धर्म का दुष्प्रचार करने के लिए ये बात उड़ाई गयी […]

© Dr. Rajas Deshpande “Doctor, I want to know about this illness. I want to understand it” she said.It had taken me an entire medical career and a lot of experience to understand this disease in steps, no neurologist in the world claims to have fully understood it. It was my duty to simplify things […]

Today, India celebrates its 69th Republic Day! On this day in 1950, our governing document came into force, establishing India as a Republic Country, ending the British rule for good. In the last 68 years, many laws have come into effect with an aim to improve the quality of life of the Indian citizens. Special […]

Bridge courses is an ill conceived idea. It will jeopardise validity of all systems of tt. To master anything we have to draw a boundary around it and do it repetitively. If I opt to limit my practice to, say , geriatric psychiatry only ; I get trained in it , attend CMEs on it […]

                        कटुसत्य       मेडिकल सुविधाओं की कमी से जूझ रहे देश एवं प्रदेश की इससे बड़ी विडंबना क्या हो सकती है कि डॉक्टरों की कमी एवं स्वास्थ्य सेवाओं व स्तंभ डॉक्टर की कभी भी किसी स्वास्थ्य परियोजना मे राय नही ली जाती है […]

226By SIDDHARTHA MUKHERJEEAPRIL 19, 2012Few medicines, in the history of pharmaceuticals, have been greeted with as much exultation as a green-and-white pill containing 20 milligrams of fluoxetine hydrochloride — the chemical we know as Prozac. In her 1994 book “Prozac Nation,” Elizabeth Wurtzel wrote of a nearly transcendental experience on the drug. Before she began treatment with […]

Pamela Wible, The Washington PostLast Updated January 15 2018, 11:20 AM One million Americans lose their doctors to suicide each year Healers, after all, also need healing Five years ago, I was at a memorial. Another suicide. Our third doctor in 18 months. Everyone kept whispering, "Why?" That was when I decided I had to […]

आई॰एम॰ए॰ उचित संशोधन करने के लिये स्वतंत्र है !१-अस्पताल में ट्रेंड स्टाफ़ ज़रूरी !आपत्ति – जहाँ ज़रूरी होता है कार्य ट्रेंड स्टाफ़ से ही कराया जाता है अन्यथा डॉक्टर स्वयं उस कार्य को करते है , पूरे के पूरे स्टाफ़ को बदलने से बरोज़गारी बढ़ेगी और फिर ट्रेंड स्टाफ़ सरकार के पास तो पूरा नहीं […]

केंद्रीय राज्य मंत्री डॉ. महेश शर्मा ने भी माना कि चिकित्सीय क्षेत्र में तकनीकी सुगढ़ता और कौशल बढ़ा है, लेकिन नैतिक दायित्व बोध व गरिमा कम हुए हैं। आइएमए की दून शाखा द्वारा आयोजित वार्षिक संगोष्ठी में उन्होंने कहा कि डॉक्टर-रोगी संबंध अब पहले जैसे नहीं रहे हैं। यह आत्मचिंतन का समय है। हमें सोचना […]

Happiness “I am rich, fit, and I have mastered almost everything I wanted to master.” Why am I still not happy and still not satisfied ??? *- posted in Quora by Anonymous* *Answer by Karim Elsheikh : -* “Human happiness (as we know it) is caused by 4 basic chemicals : – ▪Dopamine ▪Endorphins ▪Serotonin […]

The practice of parents co-sleeping with their children (sharing the bed with their child or sleeping on different cots in the same room) is quite old, especially in the Eastern cultures where the family is considered above an individual. In India, most children share the bed with their parents until they are 6–8 years old. […]

  ExistingSuggested ChangesExplanation1.         Short title and commencement – (1) theserules may be called the Clinical Establishments(Central Government) Rules, 2012.(2) They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.  2.         Definitions • In these rules, unless thecontext otherwise requires,-(a)   "Act’   means   […]

————————————• Sanskrit has the highest number of vocabularies than any other languages in the world. • 102 arab 78 crore 50 lakh words have been used till now in Sanskrit. If it is used in computers & technology, then more than these number of words will be used in next 100 years. • Sanskrit has […]

INTERDavid J. Anderson Jacob KoshyJANUARY 17, 2018 00:15 ISTUPDATED: JANUARY 18, 2018 12:44 IST Humans are not the only ones privileged to have emotions; mice and fruit flies also do, says the neurobiologistCalifornia Institute of Technology neurobiologist David J. Anderson is at the vanguard of studying the neurobiological foundations of emotion. He was the key […]

Vascular Health and Risk ManagementDove Press Asli Tanindi and Mustafa CemriAdditional article informationAbstractarticle-metaAcute coronary syndromes comprise a large spectrum of clinical conditions ranging from unstable angina pectoris to acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction. Chest pain is usually the major symptom of atherosclerotic heart disease; however, it may be challenging to diagnose correctly, especially in the emergency […]

India Needs One Too, Believe ExpertsAishwarya Iyer Globally, more than 300 million people suffer from depression and 260 million are living with anxiety disorders. Mental health should be of utmost importance as it affects the holistic well-being of the individual and the societies in a ◦ The National Mental Health Survey of India, 2015-16 shows […]

जब से चिकित्सको को consumer Court के अंतर्गत लाया गया , उसके बाद हो सकता हो कुछ मरीजो को लाभ हुआ हो , परंतु लाखों मरीजों का नुकसान भी हुआ है शायद, क्योंकि अतिगंभीर मरीजो को ईलाज करने के लिए चिकित्सको में एक भय बैठ गया है , पहले जहाँ क्लीनिकल वर्क की तरफ ध्यान […]

जब डॉक्टर्स 24 घंटे बिना छुट्टियों के पूरे साल काम कर सकते हैं तो आप क्यों नहीं। जिस देश मे मी लॉर्ड्स साल में 3 महीने छुट्टियां लेकर आराम फरमाएंगे उस देश मे अयोध्या जैसे संवेदनशील मामलों का 70 सालों में भी फैसला न आना समझ आता है। कभी सोचा जब तुम लोग छुट्टियां लेकर […]

The recent news that stents inserted in patients with heart disease to keep arteries open work no better than a placebo ought to be shocking. Each year, hundreds of thousands of American patients receive stents for the relief of chest pain, and the cost of the procedure ranges from $11,000 to $41,000 in US hospitals.But […]