female foeticide

Many years ago  the Pathan gangs, were at their heights of power  in the Mumbai  under world , communism was at its peak and the Bolly wood they controlled depicted the business men of India as greedy, corrupt and smugglers while the Pathans and Kabuliwala were shown with high esteem.Erroneously offcoarce!

How time changes and the same  people are now depicted as terrorists and outlaws!

Capitalism came and then came the economic slowdown .The businesses and the effluence started to melt away.The only trade if you may call it so,the medical business still boomed.The inflation proof medical practices became an envy of all.In India as well as in America.

The public was baying for blood.There has to be a villian in a story and the new villian was to be the family doctor. The ever eager US politicians enacted the draconian EMTALA,COBRA and SUNSHINE acts to be seen as doing some thing.In India too attempt is being made by the Government to regulate the private sector medical sector after having failed dismally in their own public sector medical care.The Clinical establishment act,the Medical Fees regulation bill,antifemale foeticide law,etc have come up as if all the ills in society are being promulgated by doctors.The doctors who were once sees as icons  began to be seen with suspicion allover!

Even Modi has fallen for it .Consider the following statement by Narender Modi in his Independence day speech, “भाइयो-बहनो, जैसे-जैसे विज्ञान आगे बढ़ रहा है, आधुनिकता का हमारे मन में एक भाव जगता है, पर हम करते क्या हैं? क्या कभी सोचा है कि आज हमारे देश में सेक्स रेशियो का क्या हाल है? 1 हजार लड़कों पर 940 बेटियाँ पैदा होती हैं। समाज में यह असंतुलन कौन पैदा कर रहा है? ईश्वर तो नहीं कर रहा है। मैं उन डॉक्टरों से अनुरोध करना चाहता हूं कि अपनी तिजोरी भरने के लिए किसी माँ के गर्भ में पल रही बेटी को मत मारिए। मैं उन माताओं, बहनों से कहता हूं कि आप बेटे की आस में बेटियों को बलि मत चढ़ाइए। कभी-कभी माँ-बाप को लगता है कि बेटा होगा, तो बुढ़ापे में काम आएगा। मैं सामाजिक जीवन में काम करने वाला इंसान हूं। मैंने ऐसे परिवार देखे हैं कि पाँच बेटे हों, पाँचों के पास बंगले हों, घर में दस-दस गाड़ियाँ हों, लेकिन बूढ़े माँ-बाप ओल्ड एज होम में रहते हैं, वृद्धाश्रम में रहते हैं। मैंने ऐसे परिवार देखे हैं। मैंने ऐसे परिवार भी देखे हैं, जहाँ संतान के रूप में अकेली बेटी हो, वह बेटी अपने सपनों की बलि चढ़ाती है, शादी नहीं करती और बूढ़े माँ-बाप की सेवा के लिए अपने जीवन को खपा देती है। यह असमानता, माँ के गर्भ में बेटियों की हत्या, इस 21वीं सदी के मानव का मन कितना कलुषित, कलंकित, कितना दाग भरा है, उसका प्रदर्शन कर रहा है। हमें इससे मुक्ति लेनी होगी और यही तो आज़ादी के पर्व का हमारे लिए संदेश है।”

Again the message is clear. He has praises for all including the farmers and soldiers , only the doctor is to blame.

His message is not wrong , to stop female foeticide is important but are only doctors are to blame?

Our Indian Society has allways had a balanced duality in that like there is matter and anti matter,zero and one,it celebrated the female sex along with the male sex  and ours in the few religions of the world to have female gods,revered by Male gods and the populace.Unlike other religions  like Christianity where Mary Magdaline was unfairly treated ,we idolized Radha. Most religions have only male Gods,females are on the side lines.

Somewhere along the passage of time our society has deviated from the right path.Using modern technology ,aborting female foetuses became rampant ,leading to dwindling female to male ration.Why?.The cause is important not the means,as they say.

After all why do Indians so desire a male heir?.

What they want is simple.’ Koi pani deva hoi –  koi nam leva Hoi“.

Because somewhere along the long history of evolution of Indian custums and traditions, there appeared some  kinks in  traditions .Three can be enumerated . One was that parent of girls will not let  a female go out to  work and earn money which became a male dominion,second ,the parents of a married girl cannot accept money from the female child ,and the parents of a girl cannot have their last right performed by the female offspring. So a female child becomes a liability than an asset.No body wants a liability.

All the three needs to be changed if the female foeticide is to stop.There are some societies who welcome female child.The Shankracharya who has fired some controversies must now go to work. He who is the final authority in Hindu ways should be approached to issue an eddict correcting the above anomalies in Hindu ways of Life and their karmakand.If these ills are corrected a lot would have been done to stop female foeticide.After All we have been able to eliminate cruel “sati’ practices which was widely prevalent .

Are Obstetricians to blame.Are radiologists to blame . Blaming the doctors for female foeticide is like what happened in bollywood movies.Fiction and hogwash!












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