It is a very disturbing news that a dynamic, intelligent son of a poor family has left for the unknown journey because of a negligent doctor. Where has all the humanity gone, why are they just filling their pockets and not doing their task efficiently when they are so well paid? REPORTED AS RECEIVED:
He was brought by his father at 2 p.m with severe head ache, fever and vomiting at the PHC but to their dismay there was no doctor on duty, the nurse informed that he had gone to attend some school programme. The boy was given some medicines by the rude nurse and sent home.
The unlucky boy got serious at 11 p.m and was rushed back to the PHC with the help of few neighbours, there was no light in the PHC and it took 10 minutes for the lazy doctor to come to the hospital while our son was counting his essential breathes.

Instead of giving medicines the doctor started checking his chest and abdomen when he had come with head ache. The doctor gave him two injections and asked the attendants to take him to higher centre; he suspected it to be some brain infection. The ambulance driver took another 20 minutes to reach the PHC , he was smelling of alcohol! Then they were not willing to give the oxygen cylinder, we had to literally fight for it and at 1 a.m we moved out of the PHC. 
Our dynamic genius friend collapsed just few kilometres away from the PHC. If only we had efficient doctor on duty who cared for patients -our stud would have been alive. He wouldn’t have died if the doctor was on duty at mid day, he wouldn’t have died if we could have moved him early from the PHC.

Why aren’t doctors doing their duty efficiently?

 It’s time for strict action; our health set up should have better doctors and infrastructures. 

At 3 a.m the party went back to the PHC with 5 more people and harassed the doctor and nurse, they threw the equipments all over the floor and broke two window panes; they cursed slangs and tore the apron of the doctor.
THE NEGLIGENT DOCTOR who is a robot (because he has taken an oath, now he can function 24 hours!) had gone to school health programme at day time which is HIS DUTY.
THE NEGLIGENT DOCTOR saw one patient at 4 p.m, another at 5:30 and another at 9:30 p.m and did the needy to each of them. (Don’t forget he had seen 11 patients from 9:30 to 10:30 before going to school health also)
THE NEGLIGENT DOCTOR was doing potty (potty doesn’t stop even after taking oath – please do note) at the time of the victims arrival at the PHC.
THE NEGLIGENT DOCTOR came to see the victim without even cleaning his back properly because last time when he had cleaned his back properly the patient party had cracked his eye glasses because it had taken him some time to reach the emergency block. I m sorry he didn’t use soap to clean his hand this time.
THE NEGLIGENT DOCTOR took some time to examine the patient’s chest and abdomen because he is a DOCTOR not a tailor who stitches only where it’s torn. Medical examination is always done for all system not only the system concerned so that a complete diagnosis can be made, he could have pneumonia with meningitis.
THE NEGLIGENT DOCTOR also did a minor surgery and sutured a 10 inch long cut injury on a drunk mans leg at 3 am the same morning after getting harassed and emotionally disturbed by the victims relatives. (The event had occurred at 4 p.m but the alcoholic thought it’s important to seek medical help only at 3 a.m!)

THE NEGLIGENT highly paid doctor gets 40000/ a month (he is an adhoc employ, maybe that’s why he has to work 24 hours) yes the salary is huge! Let’s analyse – an adhoc teacher gets around 15000 for 8 hour duty, so if the teacher works 24 hours he will get 45000 per month! Hence mathematically the doctor is paid around 14000 per month if real calculation is done based on 8 hours duty! (Well he is a doctor, forget salary – he can show his degree and BHAIYA will give him free rice!)
THE NEGLIGENT DOCTOR didn’t want to give the oxygen cylinder because that oxygen would not help the boy much but if another patient with asthma, COPD, acute MI would materialise later- that patient party would have pulled his collar and ask why there is not even oxygen? (After taking oath also the cylinder has to be brought back by the ambulance, it doesn’t come back magically in minutes.)
The driver smelt alcohol because he is a chronic alcoholic, a written complaint was sent against him but a call came back stating that he was the only son of MLA’s cousin’s nephew so he can do whatever he wants. Its India, wake up – our oath doesn’t make us more powerful than the politicians.

a) Its India, we are poor country, our Government spends minimum on health care. We can’t afford two doctors in a PHC!

b) PHC is not a Hospital, its primary health centre; its primary function is to manage many health programmes and to provide BASIC care to the needy. The doctor has to do many field duties which is mandatory. Also do not expect the medical officer in the PHC to manage heart attack, stroke, encephalitis etc

c) In Govt setup we do not get many equipments and devices, do not expect PHC to have back up oxygen cylinders for long.

d) The doctor in duty is a human being, he also needs rest, he also has a family. When one works in odd hours the judgement capability is impaired. 
Who can really help?

 The department can if they really want: Talk to the authorities, ask them for at least 2 doctors in each PHC.

 The programmes can be managed by a trained paramedical person if desired. Ask for it.

 Some day take out time, sit with the doctor and ask him – Is he happy with his choice of becoming doctor? Is it fulfilling and joyful? Is it worth the 7 years of hard work?

Ask him when was the last he slept peacefully? Ask him when did he last eat his meal completely?

 Next time when you misbehave with a medical person please think – will your action really help the victim or the medical person?

 Doctors are leaving medical jobs and doing non medical tasks with much less salary these days. Why?

 Give it a thought: today 78% of doctors don’t want their children to be doctor! 


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