9 things you should never tell a patient under treatment for depression

Harish Shetty

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Nothing is wrong with you !

This is devastating for a patient. Just because all the physical tests are normal would not mean that everything is ok. M.R.I scans do not detect depression. Physiological changes in the brain is not detected by the scans and blood tests.Moods can be assessed by psychologial tests.

Do not think negative, think positive

Negative Thoughts come to a patient suffering from depression.Patients do not think negative.The switch of the mind is not in his/her hands

What is the root cause of your depression. All is fine in your life

Depression may not always have a trigger.Science has not been able to tell us why do some people suffer from depression and others do not. Do not look beneath always, treat the illness

Look at me. I have faced more stress than you and yet I am fine. Fight Depression

Every persons life stories are different and so are the coping mechanisms.’Look at me’ syndrome that relatives boast about hurts those who are ill.Treat depression and not fight it alone.

Yoga, exercises can cure your depression 

Mild depression may get well with yoga and exercise. Those who are severely ill are in an emotional coma.Small tasks appear huge.A slum and Switzerland looks alike.There is an emotional paralysis.After sufficient recovery exercise and yoga can add to the improvement.
Weak minds suffer from Depression, Strong minds dont.

Any mind can suffer from depression.No one is immune. Some who have people who have had depression in their blood relatives are more prone. Those under severe stress and trauma are also more likely to suffer from the same.

You are lazy and irresponsible. Get up and get going.

This is a symptom of depression.Lying in the bed for long,no interest in any activity are the signs.Treatment can reverse this state.

Depression is because of bad omens, witch craft & stars. See an astrologer

Malaria, Dengue, Heart attacks are not due to any omen, witchcraft e.t.c. Depression is an illness. Early treatment helps.

Stop your medications. They are addictive

Medications and counseling help treat depression. When mild only counseling may help.In severe depression medicines are a must.Counseling of the patient and relatives help as the patient becomes recovering.Stopping pills without the advice of the treating doctor can cause a recurrence and a relapse.Just as food is not addictive and is necessary so are the medicines. 


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