India Needs Punishment Policy For Illegally Sold Medicines

Dr. Dewat Nakipuria

Professor Of GI Surgery And Gastro Enterology, International Expert For HIV ,Hepatitis & Colitis Management

Selling or marketing spurious medicine is a black market industry of thousand crores in our country. So many medicines are sold openly in the market over the counter without prescription of doctors. Not only this, such medicines should be given by licensed registered pharmacist in chemist shop but in our country, one can get it every where and now online at our home. Medicines are sold openly by advertisement in printed.
Medicines are sold openly by advertisement in printed media, electronic media and social media openly, anybody can get any medicine including habit forming sleeping pills and narcotics leading to drug addiction and every other bad effect. Every second person suggests some medicine to other as if a doctor.
Many homoeopathic, ayurvedic and allopathic medicines are advertised completely on fake studies and promises and almost all leading TV channels and all best news papers and magazines of India. Many medicines are sold on the belief that these medicines donot cause any side effect as Ayurvedic, Homeo medicines are desi and never cause any abnormal reaction. A quick recovery for increasing height, sex desire and satisfaction, a colour change from black to a fair, reducing weight, treating diabetes, asthma, arthritis cancer, epilepsy etc are marketed badly by big advertisements or push through marketing persons or via MR throgh doctors. Vitamins, livertonics, enzymes, anti diarrhoeal, cough syrups, antacids, laxative painkillers etc are sold openly in different combinations in all pathies which are not recommended pharmacologically. Many banned and discarded medicines are openly sold and marketed in Indian drug market .
MCI gag order to doctors to write generic medicines will further vitiate the black market as now Uneducated medicine sellers as most chemist shops doesnot have pharmacist will give highly profitable less reliable brand for generic compound to patient after doctor’s prescription. Many such medicines are manufactured by many fake and unregistered companies but as our drug regulating agencies, police, general and health administration or judiciary is easily bribed so this industry of corruption is running full swing.
But the situation is just reverse in USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia etc. all developed and many developing nations where every medicine is given to any patient on the prescription of a doctor and that too by a registered pharmacist only. Audit of every medicine is must as that of a currency an if anybody voilate or disobey such rule strict punishment is awarded. 
Recently an Indian who went to America and got its natural citizenship too was jailed for 5 yrs rigorously with a withdrawal of citizenship as he was exporting Viagra like drugs from china and selling it in a different part of America as Sex enhancing pill. He exported this drug from china as a beauty product and then changed its wrapper and all details and sold it in the market under different parts of USA where nobody can sell any medicine if not cleared by FDI and medicines can be sold from a registered pharmacy only. They do not allow to import any medicine which is manufactured there only beauty products, tea etc. can be imported after a valid license so he adapted this way to earn money.
Same way about 2 yrs back, well-known pharma company has to pay hundred million for importing few not up to standard medicine to the USA for settlement of the case out of Court with the USA Government. But in India, that company easily sold all those medicines due to bribe to politicians and drug controlling authorities.
This is a lesson for a country like us. Our Government and law enforcing agency should have zero tolerance for selling medicines as any careless handling of this serious chemical may damage our body badly or may cause death. Therefore to sell medicines without doctor prescription and selling these by unregistered so called pharmacist at chemist shops or online or shops without drug license or manufacturing and marketing of spurious medicines and running fake drug companies are heinous crime and should be punished as in the USA heavily, to save human life as no compromise with health should be allowed.


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  1. Bhagavan P.S. · · Reply

    I fully endorse the view though I feel certain issues are bit exaccerated.
    Corruption is a routine daily affair as the Inspector either has to book and seal every CHEMIST or compromise .

    Abetment of crime by the compromuzing officer needs to be punished first.


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