Difference Between MCI Permitted & Recognised Medical Seat

By Dr. Paresh Koli on February 26, 2014 345 Comments / 99094 views

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Every year at the time of Medical admissions into MBBS or PG Degree/ Diploma courses students get confused as they do not know difference between a Medical Council of India (MCI) permitted seat, and an MCI recognized (recognised) seat. So I will try to explain it as simple as possible.
An MCI permitted seat is any MBBS or Post Graduation (PG) Degree/ Diploma seat which has been allowed by MCI to admit students.
It is a very famous thing among the doctors that If a student has completed his/her, UG/PG in an MCI permitted seat but not an MCI recognized seat can only practice in the state in which the institute is located. For example, a student has done his UG/PG Degree from an institute in Maharashtra which has a seat which is MCI permitted but not MCI recognized then that student can only practice in Maharashtra and not in any other state in India. And If that seat gets recognized by MCI in future then he can practice anywhere in India.
I have canceled above statements as It is false. As a reply to an RTI I had filed, I got a reply from MCI. It emphasises on following statement on Code of Medical Ethics Regulations 2002, which says “1.1.3 No person other than a doctor having the qualification recognized by Medical Council of India and registered with Medical Council of India/State Medical Council (s) is allowed to practice the Modern system of Medicine or Surgery. A person obtaining qualification in any other system of Medicine is not allowed to practice Modern system of Medicine in any form”. So a person with permitted UG medical degree cannot practice medicine in general, and a person with PG medical degree cannot practice subject of his/ her specialty in the same state as the teaching institute from which he has got the degree or in any other state as well. A person is supposed to have a recognized PG medical seat to practice medicine in any government hospital, private hospital or private clinic, etc. in India.
In practice usually, MCI recognizes medical seats within 3 years (or when 1st batch passes out) of it making the seat permitted in most of the cases unless the institute doesn’t have enough faculty, facility or the infrastructure to meet the standards or norms stipulated to satisfy MCI inspection done on the Institute. If the application of recognition is rejected by MCI, the institute can again apply for recognition of the seat after improving its facilities and offer for inspection to the MCI. If MCI is satisfied with improvements done by the Institute to it’s faculty, facility or the infrastructure on re-inspection, it gives recognized status to that seat which was earlier approved.
As mentioned in the Proforma for Recognition of PG qualifications by MCI, an institute can apply for recognition when the 1st batch appears for the final examination. Exact statement in the documents is “The College/ Institution attention is further invited that the permission u/s 10A of the IMC Act, 1956 for starting/ Increase of seats in postgraduate courses so granted is till the first batch admitted appears in the final examination of the postgraduate course. The institutions are advised to apply for recognition of the qualification at the time of first available examination as per the provision of Section 11(2) of the IMC Act, 1956.”
So in short a student who has done MBBS/PG Degree or Diploma from an MCI approved seat cannot practice anywhere in India and those from MCI recognized seats can practice anywhere in India.
Also, the recognition given by MCI for a medical seat is for the period of 5 years only and after that, the institute has to apply for renewal of the registration. A statement is given in all minutes of MCI meetings is “The Postgraduate Medical Education Committee further decided that the recognition so granted shall be for a maximum period of 5 years from the date of Notification upon which the Institute shall have to apply for renewal of recognition. Failure to seek timely renewal of recognition as required shall invariably result in stoppage of admission to the Postgraduate Course.” (Source)
I am adding an extra point because it was asked by one of our readers in the comments section that “Is it a requirement to do MD/ MS from an MCI recognized Institute/ University to be eligible to do Superspeciality Medical courses?”

The answer to above question is Yes. Candidate must do MD/ MS from an MCI recognized institute/ university to be eligible for Superspeciality medical courses.

Following are examples/ proof that degree from MCI recognized institute is necessary for eligibility for DM/ M.Ch courses:
AIIMS PG January 2015 prospectus mentions the following statement is the eligibility criteria for DM/ M.Ch courses. It says “A Candidate must possess a degree in MD/MS or DNB from a University recognized by the MCI in the respective discipline.”

Also, Maharashtra MH-SSET 2014 information brochure mentions “The candidate must possess recognized postgraduate degree MD/MS or its equivalent from a medical college recognized by MCI. “

As a reply to an RTI which I had filed, MCI officials gave me following reply:
As per Section 10(A) of the IMC Act, 1956, the college is permitted to start any UG/PG course by the Council and the same permission is continued till the said course got recognized.
After the said course is recognized by the Council and notified by the Central Govt, then only the candidate can register himself for the said course. And if the said course is permitted one, the candidate is not eligible for appearing in the entrance examination for a higher course.
Also, if a seat gets recognized by MCI on a later date, it is applicable retrospectively as well. That is if a permitted seat gets recognized after 4 years, seats of all the batches of admission will get recognized. (Confirmed my MCI in reply to my RTI).
Many students were asking me about how a recognized or permitted seat is allotted to students taking admission in the same course in the same institute, the answer given my MCI is that this matter resides with Directorate General Health Services (DGHS).
There are also many courses from Institutes/ Universities outside India which offer courses recognized by MCI. Those list of recognized foreign medical courses can be found in THE INDIAN MEDICAL COUNCIL ACT, 1956, THE SECOND SCHEDULE, RECOGNISED MEDICAL QUALIFICATIONS GRANTED BY MEDICAL INSTITUTIONS OUTSIDE INDIA.
Following are the replies ro the RTIs which I had filed to MCI.
Reply to RTI MEDCI/R/2015/60134
Reply to RTI MEDCI/R/2015/60134/1
Reply to RTI MEDCI/R/2015/60505

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  1. Venkatesh · · Reply

    Dr. Im about to admission in one of the mci “permitted” college. Still the first batch is yet to complete final year. What do you suggest?


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