MINUTES of GBM of MCI held on 29th March’2017 at the Office of Medical Council of India, Sector 8 Dwarka, New Delhi Regarding Violence against the Doctors
• Members supported the concern for assault on Resident doctors and the following Resolutions were proposed
27A Privileges of persons who are enrolled on Indian Medical Register/State Medical Register or under training in Medical Institutes recognized under this Act, whether at undergraduate, intern or postgraduate level.
Notwithstanding anything contained in this or any other Act, no court shall take cognizance of any offence, alleged to have been committed by any doctor registered in Indian Medical Register/State Medical Register, maintained by this Act or State Medical Act for time being in force, or against any medical student who is whether undergraduate, intern or postgraduate, who is under training in medical colleges and hospitals permitted by this Act during their professional duties, training or studies, except with the previous sanction of State or Central Government.
It was further proposed that it would be best if Maharashtra Doctors Protection Act is included in IPC-
We all, the members at MCI are intended to provide best of the medical services to all the citizens of our country, India. In current scenario of attack on medical fraternity, we feel that it is very difficult to provide best of the medical services to our citizens by medical fraternity with fearful mind. For this, we pass a resolution and recommend Central Govt. to :
“Include Maharashtra Ordinance No. V. of 2009 , Gazette Notification dt. 30th March, 2009 in Indian Penal Code (IPC)”
• It was further made known to the House about Section 197 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 and stated that the House may recommend to the Central Government to amend Section 197 of the Cr.P.C. Medical practitioners all over the country should also be sensitized to the legal recourse available to them.
• It was recommended that state Authorities be approached to advertise legal protection available to doctors.
• It was recommended to Include in MSR that every ward/casualty etc. should have a certain number of security guards.
• MCI should take a very strong stand on violence against doctors. It was proposed that there should be a Grievance Cell in every college where doctors can raise their voice. Communication skills of doctors be enhanced. Relevant MCI Regulations be amended to include a clause for the purpose.
• A press release be issued regarding concern on violence against the doctors. MCI Should write to Govt. of India to pass a Central Act (Uniform) – Cognizable and non-bailable Act. The Ethics Committee in the Council should discuss about such provision/legal recourses etc. available at their State Council’s Meetings (sensitization programme).
• The House expressed their concern on the recent incidents of violence against doctors and was of the opinion that only amendments in MSR will not fetch dividends contemplated. It is necessary to issue advisory and a meeting of all the Health Secretaries of all the States on this issue be convened by the MCI.
• Violence against doctors is an international phenomena. It was pointed out that this issue was even discussed in World Medical Association to find the ways and means to curb the problem. Proposed for draft resolution regarding Anti Violence Committee/Regulation in every college.


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