Editorial (Dr K K Aggarwal) (Dr RN Tandon)

13th May, 2017

We all prescribe generic drugs only, where is the confusion then? (Part 1)


The final IMA Stand on generic drugs

Write Legible

Write Generic (Generic- Generic or Trade Generic or Branded Generic)

Write Chemical name of the drug in CAPITAL (up to two drugs if combination)

Write NLEM (Counsel the patient, if writing non NLEM)

Write the rational (most economical and of quality) brand (in bracket, not in capital)

Non-scheduled drugs, include them in advisories and scheduled drugs in Rx

Followed by other details



PARACETAMOL ( Calpol) 500 mg SOS

Diet as advised

30 minutes of brisk walking daily


Tab LOSARTAN ( Losar) 50 mg at 8am

ATENOLOL 50 + AMLODIPINE 5 mg (Aten AM) 8pm

METFORMIN ( Metlong) 1000 mg at bed time

A 2 Z one at 8pm daily

The NLEM List is available at,%202015.pdf
IMA Stand in detail
1. What is the difference between branded and generic drugs?

Branded drugs: These are drugs sold under a trade mark within the validity of patent life by the innovator or their licensee. Hardly any Indian drugs are available in this group. Most are international company patented drugs.

Generic drugs: This nomenclature of a drug is adopted post its patent expiry. 

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