Our demands

From the desk of Dr KK Aggarwal
National President, IMA
Enough is Enough: Dilli Chalo “6th June”

No compromise on the following
1.  Implementation on Inter- ministerial committee meeting report in six weeks
2.   Stringent Central Act against violence on medical professionals
3.   Single window accountability with no criminal charges on doctors without intent to harm a patient
4.   Single window registration of doctors and medical establishments
5.   Preserve professional autonomy by amending Indian medical council act instead of bringing national medical commission
6.   Uniform final MBBS exam instead of ‘NEXT’
7.   Pan India uniform service conditions for medical doctors and other health care providers
8.   IMA member in every government health committee
9.   No commercial rates on medical doctors providing subsidy
10.                   Anti-quackery law (no one other than qualified MBBs or BDS can prescribe scheduled modern medicine drugs)
11.                  Protection of professional autonomy (No interference in freedom to choose quality affordable drugs, investigations and treatment)
12.                   No variation in market prize for generic -generic, trade – generic and brand – generic drugs
13.                  Reimbursement of all emergent services in private sector for people who can-not afford treatment
14.                   Health budget of 2.5% with coming year
15.                  Promotion of family medicine in India with 25000 PG seats in family medicine


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