Anti drug lobby 

Anti drug lobby is a conglomerate of multiple lobbies working to discredit and undermine drugs in psychiatry field.The notable members are
1) psychology lobby – thinks drugs have encroached and destroyed their sanctuary of mind. The most prominent but not most influential lobby
2) neutraceutical lobby – most economically powerful lobby, more than even pharmaceutical lobby. Wants neutraceuticals prescribed for all psychiatric disorders. Only medical speciality where neutraceuticals still are not strong. The lobby behind false epidemic of vit D deficiency and many others
3) religious lobby- their spiritual domain was mostly psychiatric patients. And they want it back. I’m not discrediting true spirituality, it’s there. But if we minus the psychiatric patients the religious affairs would get pitiful number of true believers. They are the most influential lobby.
4) alternative medicine lobby – they also work on same principle of neutraceuticals lobby. They are still not present in psychiatry much and they also want a piece.
5) social and human rights lobby – we all know thier beef with us and how they operate.
6) general anti psychiatry lobby – we know why they existed and how they work
7) anti-drug lobby of common persons – any drug is a culprit and people would’ve been immortal if there was no doctor or no medicine.
There are more. But these are the ones I know about.

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