Mamta and kk

From the desk of Dr KK Aggarwal, National President, IMA
Dear Colleague
IMA delegation met West Bengal, CM, Mamata Banerjee today.
Delegation members
1. Dr KK Aggarwal, National President
2. Dr R N Tandon HSG
3. Dr V K Monga HFS
4. Dr Marthanda Pillai Past president
5. Dr Shantenu Sen State Secretary
6. Dr N Maji President WB State Medical council
Government Members: Madam CM alone
Venue: CM office
Discussion: one hour
She was well versed with the subject.
Issues discussed: IMA Dr KK assisted by Dr Pillai and Dr Tandon
Dr KK: Introduction of Team IMA
CM: I know Dr Aggarwal
If you permit I will also like Dr N Maji and Dr Shantenu Sen to be a part of the meeting.
My apology that I could not give time earlier. Even last week I had to defer the meeting.
Dr KK: Few black sheep in medical profession cannot take away the profession for a ride
CM: I believe 99% doctors are honest. My job is to expose those black sheep only.
Dr KK: We are professionals and not businessman
CM: Medical profession is not a business but a service industry
Dr KK: We are not against accountability but no one can take law in their hands
CM: We have strict provisions for violence against doctors
Dr KK: Single doctor’s clinic should be out of CEA. CEA should be only with bed.
CM: Consultations chambers with first aid facility are out.
Dr KK: How can doctors be accountable in West Bengal state medical council and the WB Regulatory commission
CM: The regulatory commission will send all cases against doctors to state medical council
DR KK: (WB SMC decisions can in in any way be challenged in MCI)
Dr KK: What about medical establishments.
CM: We will issue a directive that all establishments to have a public redressal mechanism and only cases through the system will be referred to the commission
Dr KK: Who will make the treatment guidelines, costing and prising
CM: Government in consultation with but experts
Dr KK: How can we be punished twice: compensation by CPA and CEA
CM: I am convinced. I will get it looked into and get it rectified. Compensation should be only under one head
Dr KK: What about criminal provisions in 34 A (up to three years imprisonment) not linked to professional negligence
CM: I will get it examined. No assurance given
Dr KK: What about fake doctors
CM: We are serious about them. We are taking actions.
Dr KK: Want about criminal actions against doctors on medical negligence
CM: All complaints to commission will be first handled by the state medical council
Dr KK: What about accountability of government hospitals
CM: They are accountable under other legal provisions.
Dr KK: There are many word in the act which are objectionable like unsocial behaviour, trade practices
CM: I will get them examined. Give me the list
Dr KK: What about compensating private doctors for running government projects
CM: We will be hiring their services. It will not be free
Dr KK: Why can’t we have single window registration of establishment on lines of durga poooja samitii.
CM: I have noted it down. I will explore
Dr KK: What about single window regulation
CM: For doctors, it will be state medical council
Dr KK: Why cant we restrict media trial till a doctor is convicted
CM: You should approach judicial authority for that
Dr KK: Many of CEA WB provisions are against central act
CM: We are not bound by central act
Dr KK: What about inter-ministerial committee report
CM: That was finalised after WB act was made. Also, WB is not bound by those recommendations.
Dr KK: Why are you against doctors
CM: We are only against corrupt hospitals and doctors who are extorting money. There are very few corrupt doctors I know of. They can be counted on fingers.
Licensing first and then registration.
Dr KK: How can IMA help
CM: Don’t support corrupt doctors
Dr KK: Can we meet again
CM: My doors are open. We are open for any suggestions. Any time.
Dr KK: What about IMA member in every committee?
CM: I have experts in every committee who are also IMA members
Dr KK: How to contact you?
CM: Dr N Maji and Dr S Sen will be my point of contact
Dr KK: Can we have a photograph?
CM: My pleasure
I would like to present a book to IMA of what WB has done in the field of health.
IMA view
1. A dialogue has been initiated
2. Some of the points has been noted by her for possible implementation
3. All points raised are submitted for approval of WC and CC via team google IMA
4. All points will also be discussed on 6th when we meet
5. Legal views will also be taken on above discussion


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