Dr KK Aggarwal

Straight from the heart series
Attention all Senior Colleagues; Past presidents, Association Presidents, Medical Leaders, National Awardees, Teachers, Administrators and Mentors
 We need your blessings and support in fighting the cause of medical profession
Dear Colleague
The medical profession is facing the toughest timer of the era. Now and then we are abused or beaten; man handled; tried with the media; defamed in the social media; criticised by the public or charge sheeted by the police. Don’t you think that we ned to speak in one language and fight this.
Two and a half years back I practically tool a sabbatical and am working for the interest of the medical profession. I have brought the fight to a level but now need support of all of you to take it to its final level.
If you feel, that IMA is right
1. That no media trial should be allowed on doctors
2. That no media should disclose the name of the doctors till he or she is convicted by any court of law.
3. That we have the autonomy to choose drugs, investigations and the line of treatment
4. That we have the autonomy of decided our consultation and procedure charges
5. That we have the right to practice in a violence free environment
6. That we are not against accountability but no one has a right to take law in their hands
7. That how can compensation to be awarded to a patient be based on the income of the patient
8. That how can one allow AYUSH doctors be allowed to practice modern medicine
9. That how can our service doctors be on contracts for decades on pea nut salaries
10. That how can our doctors work in rural areas with half the salary of urban area
11. That how can we be criminally prosecuted for clerical errors
12. That how can we be in PC PNDT act when we do not see any obstetrics case
13. That how can we pay for full treatment of acid assault, rape case or child sexual victims
14. That how can we survive when CGHS does not pay us for months
15. That how can we survive with the type of payment schedules by Mediclaim and tPAs
16. That we buy the diagnostic machines at dollar price and charge from patients at rupees prise than how come are still charged as being commercial
17. That when all my scientific updates are given to me by the hospitals or industry then how can I be blamed of being in a nexus
18. That when I am supposed to implement all national Health programs than why am I not given compensation in the form of subsidy
19. That when government looks after only 20% of the population and the private sector is forced to look after government job by looking after 80% of their work. Then why I am not being acknowledge for the same
20. That we have a right to live with dignity and honour
If you feel that IMAs concern is genuine joins us and help in building the 6th June IMA movement
Enough is Enough: Dilli Chalo: Rajghat to Indira Gandhi Stadium, 8am to 2 Pm
Live webcast and petition at ima-india.org/dillichalo
1. You can accompany us on 6th a political dignitary with our demands
2. You can help sensitise the MPs and Politicians
3. You can help sensitising the retires judges and senior lawyers
4. You can have doctors sign the petition
5. You can join and bless the team at Indira Gandhi Stadium and speak a few words of wisdom
6. You can send your words of wisdom to be spoken at the function
7. You can speak to media about medical issues
8. You can have someone sponsor a few advs for that day
9. You can post your video support on social media
10. You can sensitise the media for a TV debate


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