Prime Minister of India/ Health Minister of India/ Dr. Jitendra Singh, State Minister PMO/ Others
Respected Sir,
Greetings from Indian Medical Association!
IMA is a representative of collective consciousness of over 3 lakh doctors spread over 30 State branches and 1700 Local branches and is present in almost every district of the country. It is connected to another 5 lakh doctors through Federation of Associations of India and to doctors of 112 countries through World Medical Association.
IMA feels that medical fraternity is facing the toughest time for existence of its nobility & humanity.
The profession is facing increasing cases of professional negligence being filed with the police. While, medical profession is not against the accountability but it cannot accept people taking law in their hands and it also cannot accept a new trend of patients to attempt illegal criminally prosecute doctors.

Sir, you will agree with us that doctors have no criminal intention while they take over any case and criminal prosecution cannot be a routine to a reality.
Over a past 2½ years, IMA has been raising its issues from various platforms and have written to various concerned authorities.

The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India did constitute an Inter Ministerial Committee consisting of the following Ministries: 
I) Ministry of Health & Family Welfare;
II) Ministry of Law & Justice;
III) Department of Consumer Affairs:
IV) Ministry of Home Affairs:

On 13th November 2015 to look into the various issues raised by IMA. But we are sorry to say that till today, final conclusions are yet to arrive. 

IMA was forced to organize various peaceful Satyagrahas in the last 2 years for the above issues.
Now, IMA is forced to organize the present event “Enough is Enough – Dilli Chalo – 6th June, 2017 – IMA March” today at Indira Gandhi Stadium. It was attended by more than 60,000 people both physically & digitally, from all over the country.
We are against for any unethical act and corrupt practices, but we are in favour of transparent, affordable, accessible and accountable healthcare delivery system.
The contribution of IMA and all doctors cannot be forgotten in eradicating Polio and increasing life expectancy.
If we really want to achieve the concept of Healthy India, Govt. and medical profession has to work together. Whatever is being done by the Govt. Sector, it should be replicated by the Govt. through IMA in the Private Sector also. 

Sir, we need your personal intervention in the following major issues ailing the medical profession at the earliest.
1-Criminal prosecution of medical negligence and on clerical errors is not acceptable.

Criminal prosecution of medical negligence and clerical error should be an exception and not a routine.
2-Capping the compensation in CPA on doctors.

Compensation should not be based on the income of the person but on the formula used by DCGI in Clinical Drug Trial.
3-Professional autonomy in treatment and prescriptions.

 Safe guarding the interest of the patient by practising medicine based on social determinants of health and patient centric decisions.
4-Stringent central act against violence.

 Universal central act against violence similar to 18 States who have enacted in their States.
5-No unscientific mixing of systems of medicine.

 Ayush should be strengthened in its own field and not allowed back door entry in modern system.
6-Empower MBBS graduates.

 UG seats equal to PG seats and bringing back the concept of family doctors.
7-Bio-Medical Waste Policy & safeguarding the interest of small nursing homes.

Doctors owned small nursing homes should get due exemption.
8-One drug – One company – One price

 Price of generic – generic, generic – trade, generic – brand from one company should be the same.
9-Implement inter- ministerial committee recommendations in six weeks.

 It is already late by 2 year.
10-Single window accountability.

 The State Medical Council or a Medical Tribunal is a solution.
11-Single window registration of doctors and medical establishments.

This will reduce the cost of treatment and can be undertaken by the Health Ministry.
12-No to NMC: Amend IMC act to maintain professional autonomy.

No regulatory mechanism can run with predominant nominated body.
13-Uniform final MBBS exam instead of ‘NEXT’. Uniform final MBBS exam will ensure quality.
14-Uniform service conditions for doctors & faculty

This should be at a national level.
15-IMA member in every government health committee.Nirman Bhawan can give a room to IMA for fruitful functioning.
16-Central anti-quackery law

Every citizen of India has a right to receive quality and safe health care.
17-Reimbursement of emergency services for private sector.

 Emergency services are the responsibility of the State but they have no resources. 
18-25000 family medicine PG seats. We need more family physicians this can be undertaken by MCI or NBE (DNB)
19-Health budget between 2.5 – 5 % with coming year for universal health coverage.This is to provide universal health coverage.
20-Aided hospitals and retainer ship in general practice
 This will provide subsidised services to the middle class.
We are sure, without your intervention, these issues cannot be solved.
With kind regards,
Yours sincerely,


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