Disclosure of mental illness before marrying 

Following guidelines is essential, which we follow at NIMHANS 
a) Make sure person with mental illness is symptom free for reasonable degree of time (one year at least)
b) Advice patient and significant other members of the family regarding complete disclosure (Plz document the advice)
c) explain the possible outcomes of non-disclosure (document that patients family members were explained about the outcome of such marriage)
d) encourage disclosure and also entertain the possible prospective alliance to come for counselling (mental illness, medication, pregnancy, contraception, hereditary nature and risk of having future child developing such illness). Document it. 

Usually, parties do not convey all the facts about the prospective bride, or the groom and concealment of every fact about the person is not considered coerced consent or consent for marriage was fraud by concealing material facts. This is considered ground for divorce in couple of High Court ( Andhra Pradesh and UP high court)


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