AAJ tak

To The Editor in Chief

Aaj Tak

Dear Sir,

In a news report broadcasted on 18.07.2017 on your chanel all Doctors were called Dacaits just because some hospitals were found selling medicines on MRP.

I want to ask you, is it illegal to sell anything in this country on MRP?Actually your pain is the apparently decent margin on certain drugs, some of which are used to treat cancer.Dear sir, even an illiterate person knows that its govt but not the doctors or hospitals who decide prices and retail margins of drugs being sold.Now after knowing this fact will your chanel dare to call Health Minister or for that matter all ministers and politicians Dacait ministers or Dacait Politicians?You can never do that because chanels like you survive on the subsidized land,aids in form of advertisements of various govt agencies and other direct or indirect kickbacks given to you by these same politicians.Like a petty criminal you chose soft targets who you know will never hit back.
Dear sir, hospitals in this country are selling medicines on MRP which is NEVER a crime as per law but what you people are doing is absolutely illegal, immoral and highly objectionable.Let me show you the mirror .Let me tell you what kind of unethical practices you and chanels like you do on daily basis.
01.Have you got any fixed MRP of the time slaught meant for advertisements?If yes then is it same throughout the day or it varies throughout the day?
We never do that. MRP of a particular batch of a particular drug is same till it lasts.
02.Do all chanels charge same fee for a particular advt from a particular customer or the fee varies from chanel to chanel.?
We dont do that.MRP of a drug is same on every counter.
03.You and chanels like you sell your prime time to many self styled babas and faith healers who misguide and fool public by their unscientific lectures and hilarious remedies.Rather than making public aware about such fraudsters you provide them a plateform from which they can reach more and more innocent citizens who get trapped because of such advertisements on reputed news chanels.This is absolute betrayal of trust public shows in chanels like you. 
We doctors never indulge in such unethical practices for easy money.
04. You and chanels like you invite disgraced cricketers like Azharuddin,Ajay Jadeja on your shows and make them heros.What message a budding cricketer will take when he sees convicted match fixers like them sitting in the comfort of your lavish studios and giving sermons on crickets?

We doctors never do such unethical things.
05.You and chanels like you invite guests from enemy country and provide them a plateform to spew venom against india just for TRP.Isnt it a brutal murder of patriotic feelings of millions of indians who are forced to listen things against their beloved motherland on daily basis.Doesnt it strengthen the anti nationals within india?
We doctors never do such anti national things as a professional.
05.On pretext of investigating journalism you and chanels like you do many sting operations and then you blackmail the victims of your stings.If they dont succumb to your unjust demands you make the stings on air.If they give in to your demands these stings become trash.
We doctors never do such things 
The list is long dear sir.This is just the tip of iceberg which an outsider like me can see from here.What goes inside the studios,the murky deals between KRANTIKARI CHANELS like you and various political parties never appear in public.

You call yourself fourth state of democracy while actually you are a bunch of bloody blackmailers in disguise who roam freely because of the nexus between you and your political masters.

Stop spreading false lies about a noble profession which is million times better than yours.
 Sincerely yours

–Dr.Raj Shekhar yadav



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