Complete package of books including links to download materials needed during MBBS. 


1–> KLM for Gross Anatomy

2–> Snell’s Anatomy

3–> BD Churassia 

4–> RJ Last

5–> Grey’s Anatomy

6–> Langman Embryology 

7–> KLM for Embryology

8–> BD For General Anatomy

9–> Dissector

10–> Di Fore Histology 

11–> Junqueira’s Histology 

12–> Netter Atlas of human Aantomy
Folder link–>

1–> Guyton 

2–> Ganong

3–> Sheerwood

4–> Sembulingam
Folder link–>

1–> Harper

2–> Lippincott

3–> Chatterjea

4–> Satyanarayan

5–> Stryer

6–> MRS Biochemistry
Folder link–>

1–> Big Robins

2–> Medium Robins

3–> Pathoma

4–> Goljan

5–> Harsh Mohan Pathology

6–> Atlas of Histopathology

7–> Levinson

8–> MRS microbiology

9–> Microbiology by Jacquelyn G. Black

10–> Color Atlas of Microbiology

11–> Kaplan Pathology 
Folder link–>

1–> Big Katzung

2–> Mini Katzung

3–> Kaplan Review

4–> Lippincott

5–> Pocket Katzung

6–> Rang and Dale’s Pharmacology

7–> Atlas of Pharmacology 
Folder link–>

Forensic Medicine:-

1–> Simpson’s Forensics

2–> Krishan’s Forensics 

3–> Atlas of Autopsy

4–> Atlas of Forensic Medicine 
Folder link–>


1–> Jogi

2–> Jatoi

3–> Parson’s Textbook of Eye

4–> Kanski 

5–> AK Khurana 

6–> Atlas of ophthalmology
Folder link–>


1–> Dhingra

2–> Logans Turner

3–> Color Atlas of Otorhinolaryngology

4–> Maqbool’s Text Book of ENT

5–> Clinical Methods in ENT by PT Wakode

6–> ENT at a Glance
Folder link–>

Community Medicine:-

1–> Monica’s Text Book Community Medicine 

2–> Mahajan And Gupta Text Book of Community Medicine

3–> Bancroft’s Text Book of Community Medicine 
Folder link–>


1–> Churchill’s Pocketbook of DD

2–> MTB Step 2 Ck 

3–> Davidson Essentials

4–> Davidson Principals and practice 

5–> Harrison’s Internal Medicine

6–> Internal Medicine USMLE Nuggets

7–> Internal Medicine on call bt LANGE 

8–> Oxfords Specialties 
Folder link–>


1–> Bailey_love short practice of Surgery 

2–> Churchill’s pocketbook of Surgery 

3–> Deja Review of surgery

4–> Farquharson’s Textbook of Operative General Surgery

5–> Hamilton Bailey’s Physical Signs 

6–> Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery 

7–> Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery

8–> Macleod’s Clinical Examination

9–> Macleod’s Clinical Diagnosis
Folder link–>

Obstetrics & Gynecology:-

1–> Case Discussions in Obstetrics and Gynecology

2–> Deja Review of Obstetrics Gynecology

3–> Obstetrics by Ten Teachers

4–> Gynaecology illustrated

5–> Gynaecology by Ten Teachers
Folder link–>


1–> Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics[

2–> Nelson Complete

3–> Pediatrics Review
Folder link–>

1st Professional Books–>
2nd Professional Books–>
3rd Professional Books–>
4th Professional Books–>

One Link For All eBooks–>


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